A Diamond Precious and Rare!

Teachers- a candle that consumes itself to light the way for others- Coals they start with, Diamonds they end!

Teacher play a role on who we are and what we become, they can never determine where their influence stops, it goes beyond classrooms and beyond age.

A japanese proverb says it well that Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one class with a great teacher. A teacher who leads us all through the thick and thins of our life, who’s always there to support and care for the students, who taught us how to shine like a star and radiate the light of knowledge, hard work and compassion, with a supportive voice, who adds embellishment of motivation in teaching, who taught us how to solve the problems of life in a firm yet composed manner. A teacher is that Diamond that moulds the students into diamond through his immeasurable guidance, by being a true inspiration and for making us what we are today and what we’d become tomorrow.

Proud entity of the world! Who makes all other professions! The reason why the ordinary shine bright, radiate their light and do the extraordinary.
Dedicated to all the Diamonds, polishing and shining from the Furnace, to all the teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day!📚🎉

“Who is the Fairest of Them All” – An Agony of Dystopia

Remember Queen Grimhilde, or to adhere to the fictional character’s common name “The Evil Queen” in Snow White, who used to stand a chance, infront of her “Magic Mirror” and ask this question? Dreading the answer with Fury, in case she wasn’t deemed the “fairest” which in the fairy tales, meant the most beautiful!

Dystopian societies appeared in many fictional works and artistic representations, particularly in stories set in the Rural heartlands; with Dreams of Appropriations of the “Urban Ecstasy”.

Having been through a few genres of Afro-American and Australian Literatures, it seems quite plausible to unfold the characteristics of Discrimination and Dehumanisation, tyrannical governments, environmental disasters and several others that are associated with the cataclysmic decline in any society.

You don’t have any other society where the educated classes are so effectively indoctrinated and controlled by a subtle propaganda system – a private system, intellectual opinion forming magazines and the participation of the most highly educated sections of the population. They set up and maintain a system of doctrines and beliefs which will undermine independent thought and prevent a proper understanding and analysis of national and global institutions, issues, and policies.”Noam Chomsky said in his book Language and Politics (1988).

Eternity gazing at itself- She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings!

Even the pages from her life reflect a cloudburst of agony and emotional crisis in her world. Her coming-of -age story blazing bright on how the strength of character and a love of literature can help overcome racism and trauma. Reckoning both; the nightmares and the tales, when she gracefully transforms from a victim of racism with an inferiority complex into a self-possessed, dignified young woman capable of responding to prejudice.

Even, the ‘Terra Nullius’ in Australia against the native aboriginals, for instance, to expand their conquest areas, the settlers declared the land on which dark-skinned indigenous people were living to be ‘uninhabited’ or “nobody’s land” seems like an agony of political control.

But the association of darker with something lesser, something less formed, more violent, takes us back to far more primitive times. Our stereotypes about the common expressions: Dark and Difficult Days, The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn, The Heart of Darkness and The Dark Ages, aren’t even partially enlightened.

People of colour face a challenge which many of us are reluctant to consider recognising: that white is seen as privileged and that not being white or fair is consequently seen as an inferior status.

One of the advantages of living in the 21st Century is that we can evaluate the cultural myths that have been imposed on us: see how they started, see through them, and set them aside, if they are damaging and belittling to us and to the progress of the society.

//Although, Even a White Rose has a Black Shadow, but only those who, Themselves Enlightened, aren’t Afraid of Shadows//



You are an Entire Ocean You’re a Deep Soul You are the highest of the skies You are the essence of your life!

Your Wisdom is Wiser than Ever Your Spirit is Bolder than Bold Your Humour is more Humorous Yet no time to be Old!

An Inspiration- the strength through which a shattered world shall emerge into light, empowers a soul to not just breathe but to live with some passion, little compassion, some humour and a bit of style.

The growing pathetic condition of women-their shattering dignity and souls leaving many in a state of helplessness brings me and many of us here “A Pen rather Keypad of the times, Mightier than a sword”, to write and pour out thoughts on this sensitivity as a resort to the matter.

With lows and highs; with mirth and laughter; with life full of moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. The strength lies in overcoming the challenges to cross the dooms. At the Same Time-here lies theirs’ to them, mine to me; my Inspiration, my Strength- my Mumma!

Strength is where Passion is, it’s where Determination is, Where there are Tales of Struggles with Smiles for our vincibility because it’s rightly said “Even a White Rose has a Black Shadow.”

At The Same Time

At the Same time I wanna hug you I wanna coil my hands around your neck

At the Same time I wanna plunge into your overwhelming personality I wanna fondle the intense zeal in you I can hold you at your weakest I want you to be the strongest I can see you at your ugliest I want you to be the charmest

At the same time I vaguely convey, the togetherness I wanna hold Whether you grow old

Mum, We need not be perfect Bcz Love isn’t impeccable At the same time It needs to be true At the same time I always wanna be near you!

/To the Ideal Figure of my Life/


“Never Let Success get to your Head and never let Failure get to your Heart”

Retire-hurt, an intransitive verb and a rule in Cricket when a cricketer stops batting because of having sustained an injury. From the 2007 T20 World Cup to the 2011 ODI World Cup to the 2013 Champions Trophy…

Seems like we’re still living it all. Those last ball quiverings, the focus on seeing it through till the very end. Then the pause after the winning shots that connected us again to the pompous celebrations.

The man with such elated honour, with an impressive success, any Captain ever had in the history of Indian Cricket. An Inspiration to millions out there. A légendaire with a beautiful journey of efforts, rivalries, achievements and struggles.

And yes. This announcement to retire “hurts” millions, for all that he has given to the country, wishing if it all could still continue.. One of the greatest cricketing moments ever. MSD decides a walk in the snow.

//There may be Snow on the Rooftop but there’s Fire in the Furnace//

Freedom of the Free

Saluting the Golden Dove Saluting the Incredible Land of Mine and Thine!

Independence– Something hard to accomplish and easy to lose. The fruit of immeasurable sacrifices. The Ritual to Rejoice the Lata and Rafi hits.

But more than that, it’s a Means to a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic; to Nation building as an End.

It doesn’t mean freedom, it means cherishing Democratic Rights. Living freely in the human domain, never ever forget our freedom fights!

When India celebrates it’s 74th Independence- does the cyclical crisis over the last decade, including the loss of confidence in leadership and in the system; with the wave of Islamophobia, with claims over Identity, the social crisis of Region, Religion, caste, creed and what not.. Does the smashed right to dissent of individuals, of it’s own citizens, despite they residing in world’s largest democracy, irrespective of the gender (the equal status we boast of today), does all this hold true to the spirit and essence of our Preamble!?

When one side is about Celebrating Patriotism, the other side is about Proving it, thereby , withering the Pluralistic culture. The shrinking Unity, Integrity and Fraternity further abates Equality and Liberty.

Nothing can Invalidate a Long-standing Right!

Hope one day we also wake up to an India envisioned by Tagore. To the Nation that swears to it’s Unity in Diversity, it’s Rich “tricolour” heritage. To witness the long dreamt freedom from the shackles of dogmas And to it’s Pluralistic Culture. Indeed! On that Independence, as Nehru said “India will wake to Life and Freedom“.

Proud to be a Social Entity! Proud to be an Indian!

Nations at Crossroads- No Passengers, All Crew

The 21st century’s Great Game frames the battle lines in the geopolitics of the emerging new world order. The menace of Intolerance jeopardizes the world into the shackles of insecurity, making people fear any chance of someone trespassing into a zone which belongs to them.

The school of thought believing that boundary results in greater longing, also witnesses the Global Intolerance and Erosion of values but it puts forth the fine line between a “fence” and a “Good fence”, representing “boundary” and “privacy” respectively.

The world through the lens of Geopolitical turmoil

To write for instance, the reorganization of the Post-WW II Europe, a war torn continent; it’s division was budding from Racio-cultural Ignorance, Religion, Prejudice and the Mercentalistic order which led to resentment and trickled down it’s economy despite it’s buy low and sell high formulation.

Frost’s Idea of Barriers to Maintain Harmony

Frost’s idea of “Good fences” applied quite well in the redrawing of their boundaries and European history witnessed “Neighbors”, not good to their roots and stem (culture and people) though. However, this made them stand at the crossroads that the second smallest continent in the world was then divided into the largest number of countries.

All through the course of political history, the looting spree of seeking hegemony has brought the Nations at the crossroads of heated, head -to-head clashes, Galloping for Absolute power; for Influence, if not dominance.

It’s on a critical juncture that on account of acquiring power, countries fight flesh and blood, the rich nouv’eau sets aside the dated and the poverty-stricken.

Still to get any worse, Today, when the Global turmoil reaches its zenith, with almost constant wars, attacks, bloodshed and menace in different parts of the world, it leaves the land and people scarred.

CONCLUSION To talk of the age old belief of Good fences make good neighbors, it holds true to the socio-economic and political harmony, not to hegemony and dominance. In the final analysis, Marshall McLuhan said it right about the tacit understanding of Geopolitical turmoil that “There are No Passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all Crew.” The upheaval of hatred and intolerance, of not confirming and clarifying, only drags things in the tornado of conflicts, thereby disrupting the Global peace to worse and are increasingly becoming part of the problem, not part of the solution.